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Supernatural Life Transformation School

Hermare Brand


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This course was Life Transforming. The most important thing for me was that before we look for wonders and miracles we need to seek His Presence and we really experienced His Presence. When we seek His Presence the miracles and wonders will follow.

We saw people coming in here with dark eyes with really no hope and how God made them free from bondages. We saw miracle healings, we just saw God’s hand and the glory.

This is just the beginning and we are ready for revival – to stop for that one person, and to take the world for Jesus and expand His Kingdom. Church is not within four walls but for us to go out and cause revival and go out and change the World.

This course really equiped us and I would recommend it for anybody. 

Supernatural Life Transformation School

Jacolize de Jongh

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I was always wondering what Revival is and you guys showed me what revival is. I experienced gold dust for the first time and that was awesome. It was totally amazing! –

Supernatural Life Transformation School

MJ Strydom

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The Supernatural Life transformation course is a course that will benefit every person. If you have never before understood God’s love for you and need a revelation of your true identity, then this course is for you! Come and experience His healing power, His glory and His presence! In His presence there is fullness of joy!

We have witnessed lives being transformed from depression, anxiety, low self esteem, miracle healings, limbs growing, freedom from headaches, backaches, chest pains and more.

One candidate said:The Presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible! We experienced the Father’s love like never before! This course will surely transform your life and catapult you to a new level of freedom and joy!

Another candidate remarked: This is the deepest revelation I have ever received of God’s never-failing Grace! What a new liberty this course has brought into my life! No more law, no more condemnation! Glory!

Supernatural Life Transformation School

Laetitia Lukas

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I am grateful to God for the LOVE ON FIRE courses. I found out and felt for the first time what intimacy with the Holy Spirit really means. It was also the first time for me to feel so “free” in the midst of other believers. The atmosphere was light and the power and Presence of the Holy Spirit tangible. I got several confirmations regarding my calling. The experience made me more grounded and secure in my walk with God♡

Supernatural Encounter – gold dust, angels & healing

Claire Glass

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I met the lovely Hermien and Dawid van den Bergh in a coffee shop in Langebaan with my mom in July 2016. She’d known Hermien for many years, but had not seen her in a long time and we got to hear about their experience in America at the Azusa Revival Conference. At this point I was born again but felt very discouraged in my Christian walk. I  was eager to meet them for the first time and hear first hand how God had put the fire of revival in their hearts.

Before I knew it, Dawid was asking me whether I had experienced pain behind my ear, specifically my right ear. With an amazed look on my face I said, “Yes.” And then he seemed to be startled, looking over his right shoulder, only to tell me that it was an angel. Dawid has a gift of seeing and feeling angels in the Presence of the Lord. This was a new experience for me! I was quite amazed and didn’t know how to respond, but Dawid just smiled and asked me if he could pray for my ear. Of course I said, yes!

During the prayer I felt an amazing sense of joy, so much so that I started to giggle and cry at the same time. I saw a vision of myself sitting on a rock…and I had wings! And there was a bright light all around me. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him, but I did. He said that God’s Glory is inside me and satan was trying to use intimidation with the pain behind my ear to stop me from having the confidence to allow God’s Glory to flow through me. As we chatted he said, “Look at your hands.” They were glittering and sparkling. He said he could see sparkles on my face as well. I’d never noticed anything like this before. Then he said it was the manifest Presence of God’s glory – gold dust. I was shocked and humbled and started to cry. This was because of God’s Presence. I was overwhelmed by His love for me! This experience left me feeling like I had received SO much of God’s acceptance and approval even though I thought I was far from Him. It started a life changing, mind changing, thought changing process and I wanted to know more so that I could experience more change – a change in my mind from doubting who I am to knowing who I am in Christ!

After our coffee shop meeting I was excited to learn more about being in God’s Presence and to experience God’s Glory realm. We met 3 more times with a small group of people and it was during these meetings that I experienced being in God’s Glory, during wonderful worship that encouraged us to press deeper into His presence. The teachings that came from Hermien and Dawid were uncomplicated, Biblical and Holy Spirit inspired that spoke directly to my heart. It opened my eyes to see who I truly was in Christ – seated with Him in heavenly places while living right here on earth! I learnt that I can live a life in this wicked world, but be so enveloped in His presence that I will find all I need in every daily situation when I remain in His presence. And the best is: it is freely available to those who believe. Once Jesus has touched your heart and opened it to experience His presence you can NEVER be the same again. My mind has forever been renewed and I now KNOW who I am…in Christ. I am forever changed.

Dawid, it has been so amazing to write this and relive my experience I had during the time I got to know you and learn from you and your mom. I really miss you both immensely, but I am truly thankful that I have learnt how to experience His presence no matter where I am. Even though my life is so busy at the moment, I have times of enjoying complete focus on Jesus and making Him BIG and making my mind and thoughts surrender to Him.

Love you guys!!!

Healed: Chronic migraine

Glynnis Burger

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I am in a wonderful marriage with 4 amazing sons, but had a fall out with my biological family years ago which caused me great emotional pain through the years. Despite intense healing and counselling with a Christian councellor for about 3 years I kept feeling sad whenever I thought of the family loss. As a result (I believe) I suffered from chronic migraines.

Life Transformed

About 10 years later after my initial counselling experience I met Hermien and David van den Bergh in Hermanus where they were presenting a Life Transformation – Renewal of the Mind course.  It was an encounter that changed my life and I enrolled for a therapy session with them. As I told my story Hermien led me in a prayer of forgiveness of self which I have never done before and Dawid prophetically spoke  into my life and said that I am burdened – and suffered from headaches which I did not tell him about before. Hermien gently massaged (anointed) my feet with oil and ministered love to me through prayer. Dawid prayed  a healing prayer for my migraines and I left with practical “tools” to help me walk in freedom. Walking away I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders. The migraines did not return.

Healed and Free

Several months later and I am still completely healed of migraines and headaches and the sadness about my family left.  I am FREE  praise God!

God’s miraculous timing and personal touch.

In our counselling Hermien said after the forgiveness session that I must imagine myself happy in my mind with my family that I am alienated from and should recall a  photograph of us where we are happy together. I struggled to do this as I do not have any photographs of myself as a baby/toddler with my siblings and parents. I asked for pictures years ago but was refused by my family. The miracle is that the DAY AFTER my counselling with Hermien and Dawid  a package arrived out of the blue in the post from the UK containing photographs of myself and my family from an 85 yr old aunt of mine. I was blown away.

God’s touch is personal and his timing perfect!  He is the Alpha and Omega and He sees and knows everything.

I so look forward to the next chapter of my life trusting only in Him.  Setting my eyes only on Him and transforming my mind.  We are what we think!.

With love

Glynnis Burger


My testimony – what the Love on Fire team did for me

Natasha Northcote

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The day I met Dawid and Hermien was the day that my spiritual life changed.  I did not know them, but was told by a close friend of her amazing encounter with them.  The excitement that my friend showed encouraged me to meet these “amazing” people that she spoke about.  The date was set, the meeting of strangers arrived and my life was never the same again ….

I would encourage anyone to meet with these wonderful and anointed people of God, who love the Lord with all their being.  I encountered the touch of God that night and was so excited that I immediately arranged another date with them.  The next meeting was even more amazing.  Lives were changed, hearts were touched, healing came.  That night Dawid prophesied over me.  I was seeking the Lord for answers and the prophecies (there were so many) confirmed that which I was seeking.  I trust that the Lord will bless this ministry overly and above more than what is expected ….

Anyway my friend, I am trusting that I will see you both soon so that more lives can be transformed and changed to the Glory of His Kingdom. – Natasha Northcote

On Fire Meeting

Nicole O’Neill

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Hi Dawid

This is a mail I thought would be super easy to draft but as I sat with my thoughts and memories of Wednesday night I found it hard to find the words that would do it justice!

I have always been very strong in my faith from a young age. I know and have felt the Lord beside me during all the most important and trying times in my life. However during this phase that we are currently going through, my husband losing his job for the third time in our marriage, our relationship in crisis and my starting my own business, I had been feeling utterly alone!  Tash has been such a rock and comfort to me in this time, encouraging me and comforting me. So when she asked me to come I said yes immediately. Then on the day I had more than a couple of times where I wanted to cancel. I saw it for what it was, the devil trying to get in the way!  So I went. My expectations varied – if nothing else I just needed to feel like the Lord was still with me watching and guiding my footsteps.

And oh my goodness did I get that. During the praise and worship I felt the Spirit strong around me and it brought me to tears. They were just streaming down my face. When you and Tash prayed over me I felt His presence again and I felt warm and safe. The words you were praying over me left such an impression, they addressed matters that I had not shared with anyone only in my quiet times, in my desperate and frustrated prayers.

I walked out on a high, my mind and spirit at peace. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your gift with us and with me. It has renewed my strength and I know that this phase in our lives will pass. It’s a time of learning for me and I look forward now to what is ahead knowing that my Father is with me. – Nicole O’Neill

Encounter: Holy Spirit & Angels

Vinita Snyman

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In 2014 I fully surrendered my life to Jesus but struggled to experience the Holy Spirit. My husband and I attended every course we could find in an effort to experience the Holy Spirit. We prayed, worshipped and begged God to baptise us in His fire but nothing happened. I felt alone because to me it seemed everyone around me was privileged and was filled with the Holy Spirit except me. Then Jesus led us to meet two beautifull friends, Dawid and Hermien and we attended one of their conferences in Hermanus. It turned out to be a highlight in our spiritual walk. During the first part of the day I again suffered the old feelings of being left out whilst everyone was being spoiled in the Spirit and I cried out…Jesus why not me? Lord what I am I doing wrong? Am I not good enough? The next moment the man sitting next to me said; “Go and speak to Dawid.”

The first thing Dawid said to me is; “Let her hear from the Lord.” After a few moments he said to me, “God is showing me that you struggle to experience Him because you believe that you have to work to earn His love…and that is a lie that you have believed. “ I confessed right there and then what I had done wrong and the next moment I got slain in the spirit. I found myself lying on the floor and being bathed and spoiled in the wonderful presence of God.

From that day on my life was never the same again. My husband and I had the opportunity to get to know Dawid and Hermien on a personal level and we learned so much from them just by seeing how they lived the truth knowing who they are in Christ. Two weeks before Old Year’s eve 2017 I told Jesus I would love to have an experience with angels and nobody knew about this secret request. Old Year’s eve we prayed with Dawid and the Lord showed Him that He wants to come and spoil me with His angels. Next moment I felt angels touching my head and my feet … and I could feel them moving around my body. It felt like I was being swung from side to side as if in a dance. I had no control and could not stop this movement. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

The supernatural is active in Dawid and Hermien’s lives and I believe this because their lives are fully Christ-centered, they are pure vessels for Jesus and they have a continued deep hunger and a thirst for Him. They spend days on end in His Presence to just be with Him and to hear from Him when they prepare a message for a conference in their desire to accurately transmit His message to us. Thank you Abba Father for your two children who are so passionate about You, Your Glory and the building of Your Kingdom.

Depression Healed & Forgiveness 2017

Hippo Knitting Factory Maseru, Lesotho – Hermien tells the story

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To Chan and Dawid were praying for a young girl. She looked depressed and sad. I walked closer and enquired, “What is going on?” She told us, “My mother died and my father blamed me for my mother’s death. He had told this lie to my family and to everyone where I live – that I killed my mother. No one wants anything to do with me.”  She had suffered a severe blow. Not only did she lose her mother and grieved her death, but she had lost her father too, his protection and that of her family and her community’s love and respect. She suffered an injustice, rejection and alienation from people closest to her.

I asked her if she would be willing to forgive everyone and she said yes, upon which we proceeded first with a prayer of forgiveness, and then she pronounced a blessing over everyone who had hurt her.  We asked God to solve the problem for her. She looked slightly better but still looked very sad. I heard a prompting in my spirit and obeyed. I made a “ridiculous” request. I asked everyone present, including her  to hold hands, form a circle and to jump when I say “Jump!” We jumped together a few times holding hands. The owner of the factory did the silly jump with us while the ironing section of the factory looked on. A little shy smile formed at first on the young lady’s face and after a few jumps she couldn’t help it anymore and she broke out into laughter. I knew God did a work in her.

The next Monday I came to check on her. She  was still big smiles and I could see her co – workers had increased their support towards her as  they were all cheering along! I thank God for His Mercy and His Grace.

ARTHRITIS HEALED – a Muslim vs Christianity debate followed 2017

Hermien tells the story

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Saidi is a Muslim Chief living in Malawi whom we met during our first mission to Malawi. He had caught a ride with us to Nkothakota town to go and do shopping and complained about severe pain in his hand. He told us his hand was completely useless and that he couldn’t even pick up a small plastic holder. It was our chance to demonstrate the power of the Gospel. Dawid and I laid hands on him, prayed for him and we trusted Jesus to heal his hand. The Bible says “You will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.” Markus 16:17, Matthew 10:8.

The next day he came to see us and enthusiastically told us his hand was completely healed and that he felt no more pain. Later in the week we saw him with an axe in his hands chopping out reeds near his house. We were delighted of course with his healing and we asked him during our next visit to his house; “Saidi, who healed your hand?” He smiled broadly and said” Allah did.”I replied shaking my head, “Oh NO Saidi that is not true, it is Jesus who healed your hand – you must give credit where it is due. We prayed in Jesus name not in the name of Allah!”It was then that a request for a meeting with Muslim leaders followed.

I had met Saidi during the first day that we arrived at Fish Eagle Bay Lodge at Lake Malawi . Someone had taken me by hand and said I must meet the village chief. We had walked along a footpath to his house and found Saidi  sitting under a tree on a mat. I joined him on the mat in the shade of the tree and it wasn’t long before I proceeded to explain the Gospel to him.

Now, having heard the Gospel from me, and combined with the healing of his hand he eagerly asked if we would be willing to meet with Muslim scholars and clerics to share our knowledge with them. We immediately said yes. This then started an ongoing debate with a Muslim Sjeik, a Dr in Islam and a local Imam which we will continue during our next 3 month visit in 2018. The debate was titled, “Which is the fake religion?” We titled it like that because I told them Christianity and Islam cannot both be right. It was agreed that all present were sincere about pursuing God and that we will  share and explore together to find the truth. Everyone nodded in agreement. Now we need prayers for the TRUTH to come to light with convincing power. I thank God for the healing of Saidi’s hand and the opportunity to share the Gospel with precious people. 


Hermien tells the story

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The first time we visited Hippo Knitting factory in Maseru Lesotho I was sitting on a small bench while workers in the factory queued up so I could pray for them . A young woman came to sit next to me and asked if I would pray for her to get a husband. “Easy enough prayer.” I thought but the moment I started praying a big commotion broke out. The lady violently landed on the floor on her stomach and was screaming like crazy. People in the factory came running to help and it took five strong people to hold down the convulsing screaming woman. I was desperately looking to see where To or Dawid was and was very relieved when they came running towards us. At that stage when they arrived I had been doing the drill of deliverance, but it did not make a dent. The pandemonium went on for half an hour before the young woman finally calmed down. At that stage I asked the leader of the factory to give her strong sweet tea, to comfort her and to take her to a room where she could recover and be free from staring eyes. It was a Friday afternoon and I was really concerned that this young woman would have to go home for the weekend in the state that she was in. I felt our spiritual efforts did not really help except that she at least had calmed down. I then asked the leader of the factory if she would call the girl so we could speak to her and find out if we could help her in any way.

We waited in one of the offices and the moment she walked through the door fear flared up in her eyes when she saw me. She wouldn’t sit next to me and I explained to her via an interpreter that I wanted to help, and not harm her. I asked her what had happened back there. She told us that the moment when I had started to pray for her  it felt like a lot of needles were being stuck into her body – upon which she started to scream from pain and fear. I asked her if anyone disliked or hated her so much that they would go to a witchdocter to curse her and she said, “Yes, my sister hates me and she put a curse on me so that no one will like me.” I asked her where her sister was and she replied, “In the factory.” At least that was a lucky break, I thought, as I knew we would have to work with both of them.

Forgiveness was a key to breaking the spell over her and I asked her if she would be willing to forgive and bless her sister. Fortunately she did not hesitate and I proceeded to lead her in a prayer of forgiveness and a declared blessing over her sister. I then asked her if she would mind if we would call her sister to the office. Her eyes widened again, but she agreed and someone went to fetch her sister. When the young lady walked into the office it was her turn to get a big fright seeing her sister sitting there with us. I put her at ease and explained to her what was happening. I asked her if she would also be willing to forgive her sister for whatever harm she had done to her and she agreed. So we went through the same process of forgiveness and blessing. When that was done I asked with a smile, “Do you two want to give each other a hug?” The next moment they were in each other’s arms, hugging and kissing one another full on the mouth and I knew the spell was broken! They left the office smiling and chatting. It was a beautiful thing to see; forgiveness, love and humility in operation. When we returned to Lesotho again we heard that the curse was completely broken!

God’s Kingdom had come to earth once again – and it was all happening in a day’s work. Thank you JESUS, the name above every other name! With great joy and gratitude we witnessed reconciliation and an evil curse broken over two beautiful young sisters in the factory.


Hippo Knitting factory Maseru Lesotho.

Hermien tells the story

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I went through rows in the factory praying for people for healing and all kind’s of problems.

I came to this one woman who said she had pain in her knee and she could hardly walk. I sank down on my own knees wanting to lay my hands on her knee thinking, I will pray, trust and move on. When she lifted her skirt I stared in shock, I was faced with a tumor. I swallowed hard and immediately had this conversation with God. “ This is not about me and my reputation God – this is about You and Your reputation. How is this swelling going to go down unless a miracle happens!” To be honest I did not feel confident at all that it would happen and I felt adrenaline rushing through me. A little performance anxiety had crept in and my silent conversation with God intensified.

Till this day I don’t quite know what happened and how the healing took place, but I kept talking to God and visualised the tumor kept  shrinking as I prayed. Every few minutes when I looked I saw a miracle happening. The tumor was shrinking. The prayer took about 15 minutes untill the woman shouted that all pain was gone.  I was overjoyed to see that the tumor had completely vanished from her knee!

The peculiar thing is that the next time not long after that when I faced a similar situation requiring a miracle I had zero faith and confidence and I knew in my heart I will see nothing happen. I am still learning and trusting God that in time I will see more and more miracles happen because many people can’t afford good doctors and they desperately need a miracle to happen in their lives. I am however singing out in GRATITUDE for this miracle that took place on behalf of this lady and many months later on our return I found out she was still tumor and pain free. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

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