South Africa –  Western Cape – Oudtshoorn

 de Zeekoe Guest Farm; teach – counsel employees – minister to families – preach at local church.

Assisting  the poor in Malawi during xmas time.



It was with a certain trepidation that we approached Oudtshoorn. It was the last month of a year long ministry, and we were tired. We did not rest as we had hoped to in the previous month of November. We also knew that it would be intensive ministry. Paula Potgieter the owner of de Zeekoe Guest farm is a dynamic marketplace minister who will leave no stone unturned to promote the gospel amongst her staff, their families and people in the surrounding area.



What we did not know is that we were in for a treat! We stayed in 4 star luxury during this times with delicious meals included in their up market restaurant. This together with the lovely warm weather and not having to be responsible for mundane day to day housekeeping tasks. 

Being freed up like this gave us tremendous energy to minister to the people that needed it. We also knew that we did not minister out of our own strength, but that ultimately it was God who energised us, to will and to do for His good pleasure, satisfaction and delight. Philippians 2:13

So much gratitude towards Pottie and Paula Potgieter owners of de Zeekoe Guest farm for the ministry opportunity and  generosity.


Dawid and I took turns in the day to teach various subjects to the staff at the lodge. 

We led the staff into encounters with God and counselled where necessary. 

To our great joy we heard testimonies from our visit last year of how people’s lives had been radically changed since then. It motivated us to do our best and we will keep coming back to see God’s Kingdom advance at de Zeekoe Guest farm in Oudtshoorn.






In walking distance from the lodge is a quaint little church where we held 2 services. Dawid did an evangelistic outreach and I preached on the Holy spirit.



A friend generously offered us first class accommodation in Cape Town for the xmas season. We also had the best food to eat and we couldn’t help but think of Malawian people that we knew who did not have food to eat during this time. We arranged with local pastors Brave Chimbudzie ( picture above)  Pastor Shemstone Zimba to buy and hand out maize in total to about 50 people.


People in Malawi are very poor and they do not get a grant from their government.  They are subsistence farmers and if anything goes wrong with their harvest they have nothing to eat.

We thank our financial partners who has made this generous gift possible.



November 2019

South – Africa,  Western Cape – Hermanus

  Resting – building relationships -managing ministry  – counselling – finding a local church. 


HERMANUS – We arrived from our Ladybrand and Maseru missions hoping to rest in Hermanus. During the year we had poured ourselves out into the lives of others and we needed to find a quiet space and recharge. Kennedys guest house once again opened their doors for us to stay and we are eternally grateful to friends Arwi and Ymille Kennedy for their generosity towards us.


We attended Heaven and Earth church in Hermanus where we were refreshed in the Holy Spirit. During a visit I had an encounter where I saw Jesus looking at me with incredible compassion in his eyes. It caused me to burst into tears. Just knowing that He recognised how drained I was and that I needed His touch was enough to give me new strenght.

During the same service Dawid received prohecy which said; “Dawid you are being shaken like a champagne bottle and one day the lid is going to come off!” Again the mere acknowledgement of the struggle that God knew about, and that there was a winning trajectory for Dawid despite hardships caused me to sob again and a heaviness lifted off my shoulders.


When we are travelling to different countries doing mission work it is challenging to stay up to date date with all the admin and management tasks. We now have an opportunity to catch up at Kennedys guesthouse for which we are grateful.


We regard building relationships and staying connected as a very important part of our ministry.

Below in picture I am with Thembi Ndwandwe and Ymile Kennedy.


During this time a friend of mine’s daugther was in desperate need to recover from burnout in the work place. She spent a week with us and we focused on helping her renew her thinking and perspective on life and praying with her. She was in a safe place to rest, soak in the Word and gained confidence in herself again. Soon enough she could make vital decisions and take important steps to move forward into a more healthier place in life. Once again thank you to the owners of Kennedys guesthouse Arwi and Ymille Kennedy for affording her the chance to recover at their guesthouse.





MASERU: Asian Church Start Up at Hippo Knitting Factory – Fire Falling – Freedom from witchcraft –  Ministering to the Sesotho people. – Outreach to Police. LADYBRAND: Asian Home Group Teaching & Soaking   – Socialising with Asian Family – Angel in a Restaurant.



At night time we ministered to the Asian groups in Maseru and Ladybrand and during the day to any of the 1000 Sesotho people working in the factory.

We engaged in usual ministry; praying and ministering to various needs people have.


One morning Dawid, To Chan and myself took a bottle of olive oil and in the name of Jesus anointed, prayed and made declarations at each gate and corner of the factory in full view of the workers.

We knew the word had gone out that the factory owners and us were firmly against witchcraft. We were in a battle to get rid of it in the factory in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! 


Pastor Geelbooi was a practising witchdoctor (sangoma) before until he had a run in with Jesus at a crusade. He got mightily saved and now lives a life dedicated to preaching the Gospel and seeing people set free from evil.

IN THE PICTURE BELOW next to me is Geelbooi and next to Dawid is To Chan. To and his wife Grace are outstanding marketplace ministers. They are unashamedly committed to their faith in Jesus Christ and have opened their factory to administer the Gospel.

IN THE PICTURE BELOW To is receiving ministry. Geelbooi prophesied that he is a divinely appointed leader like a Moses in the spirit to take the workers in the factory over to the promised land.

This is no ordinary factory and To Chan is no ordinary man. He is one of the most humble and caring people we know.  

We held 2 lunchtime crusades with Geelbooi and he was a huge success with the people. They even asked him to become the pastor of the factory but that is a conversation for another day. 

A fresh wave of worship descended the place as he made it clear that you cannot be a Christian and practise witchcraft.
Geelbooi was bold and people related to his testimony as a former witchdoctor /sangoma and the damaging effect it has on people’s lives. .

People from across the street even was listening to him.

An atmosphere of holy prayer and repentance descended on the place. 

Lunchtime outreach.
We ministered with Geelbooi inside the factory and saw many people saved, delivered set free and relationships restored.

One of the ladies in the factory with whom I have a history – finally brought the muti given to her by a witchdoctor.

Geelbooi himself used to create and sell muti like this but now he destroys it in the name of Jesus.

Together with a renouncing prayer we burned the muti to break the spell over her.  

We pray that each and everyone in the factory gets saved, delivered from evil, baptised with water and Holy Spirit fire and each worker would be transformed by the renewal of their minds to live happy and prosperous lives!

We gathered twice for prayer with the leaders of the factory.


We were stopped on the street for a car search and the police officer asked what we do for a living. When he heard we were missionaries he invited us to come and minister to the staff at the local police office.

The commander in chief invited us to come again and we welcome more opportunities to minister in government.



God says,”Do not despise the day of small beginnings” and we look forward and trust God to expand the ministry in the hostel and to other  factories. It started with one new disciple.


Our first outreach in 2017 had a slow start. During lunch time evangelism in the Asian canteen of the factory – one person got saved

In 2018 an outreach was organised on a Friday night at the hostel — we were not very optimistic.

Hostel below

To our surprise 12 people turned up to hear to the Gospel. Some said they have never heard the Gospel before. To our great surprize 11 people responded and gave their hearts to Jesus Christ that night. 

See Video below

A church group was formed as a result of these conversions and Dawid immediately organised a leader to have weekly ministry meetings. Dawid  kept in touch to inspire and direct them. 

2019 We were delighted to find that the group sustained itself and that they kept meeting regularly.


One of our main purposes is to start revival fires in different places. We have a need for other ministers to help us build and sustain different groups. We invited Pastor Siegfried Mare….to come one night with us to minister to the Asian group while he was in Lesotho for other ministry.

We hope and trust that his church who is based in Johannesburg will come again to minister to our Asian family.


To empower new converts we follow a 3 step process that the Bible prescribes. Salvation, water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire.

First step of salvation has been done and the Asian church now needs to be baptised  in water. Water baptism signifies the death of the old life and a new birth and ascension in Christ. They are now a brand new creation born of incorruptible seed, sons and daughters of God , heavenly citizens and belonging to a Heavenly family and Kingdom !

It was an exciting and important event and members of the church had made great effort to prepare delicious food for dinner before the baptism.

Dawid prepared the audience scripturally for water baptism that was to follow.

After dinner Dawid baptised 10 people. It was glorious to see their joy when coming out of the water.

10 People were baptised at the hostel that night and praise and worship followed from grateful hearts.


The next evening was my turn to teach on the Holy Spirit and to do the activation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. It was glorious and people for the first time experienced a life changing and tangible encounter with God.



John the Baptist  foretold this: “I indeed baptise you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I… He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (Matthew 3:11)


That night people had supernatural encounters while being baptised in Holy Spirit fire. The presence of God was tangible.

After the teaching we invited the Holy Spirit to come and many people fell out on the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit – and some were speaking in heavenly languages. This encounter was something these young believers have never experienced before, and they were in awe. Lives were empowered forever.


People from Asian countries are on a work contract in Lesotho and some will go back to their countries where they may be persecuted for their faith. That’s why it is so important that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit before going back, because in their own strength they will never endure. Fire baptism equips Spirit filled believers for witness and ministry.



We were very pleased to meet Mr and Mrs Huang ( below ) and hope that in future we will also minister in their factory as in many other factories in Lesotho.



In Ladybrand we had 3 ministry sessions at the home group and enjoyed 3 social outings with our Asian family.

I shared one of my favourite teachings on “The Father” and Dawid taught on “Walking in the Spirit and maintaining your inner fire.”

The last evening in Ladybrand we held a Holy Spirit soaking session. It was glorious. Spontaneous laughter erupted and we were so swept away that we did not even take pictures. To Chan had to intervene to “sober” us up because Dawid and I had to leave very early the next morning for the Western Cape.


We were invited to attend a Chinese festival at their local school. Besides the plenty food and culture we love building relationships.

We had breakfast near Ladybrand and met up again with Mr Huang whose factory we hope to minister in future.


One evening the home group spoilt us and took us to a local restaurant.

Dawid sensed an angel standing at our table. I also sensed the glorious presence. Soon everyone was lining up to the exact spot to “plug in” where the angel was standing and Dawid was leading people into an encounter with God.


Three staff members of the restaurant had gathered close to the table to see what was going on. They too knew something very special was happening and too lifted their hands up towards heaven in holy awe and reverence. 

Again non of us took a picture of that. I did not want to be invasive at such a sacred moment.

What a special evening it was!

We all thought we came to eat steak, but we were in for a far greater treat.

All glory and gratitude to Jesus the perfecter and finisher of our faith. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 


Thank God the Bible says we are no longer mere mortal men but a new creation born of incorruptible seed. That’s why the supernatural is becoming a normal for us. There is no fear because Jesus will not leave us nor forsake us. He loves us to press in to experience Him and His Kingdom on a much deeper level than ever before. 

The world is tired of a powerless church. 


For 2 years outreach has been challenged in Botswana because of unsuitable transport for the rough terrain. Hippo Knitting is now supporting us with the vehicle below and  we will now be able to freely do outreaches in Botswana and Lesotho.



Dawid and I were very honoured and grateful when JOY MAGAZINE asked us to write an article about the missionary work that we do for their September 2019 issue.

In case you missed buying your own copy please read the article below.



BOTSWANA – Parr’s Halt – Makwate – Sunnyside

SOUTH AFRICA  Stockpoort Lodge, Polokwane, Johannesburg

Botswana a mission base?  – Secret Place – Holy Spirit Coaching – Article in Joy Magazine – Parr’s Halt farm Teaching, Preaching Discipleship & Water baptism – Sunnyside Farm Teaching  – Stockpoort Lodge Teaching & Evangelism – Reflection, Catching Up– Witkruis Event Polokwane – On the Go Ministry


For the last 2 years we pursued to acquire of a plot of land in Makwate for the purpose of building a mission base.

Picture below : Flanked by David the land overseer in Makwate  and Michak who worked as headman for my father we looked at various land options.

Dawid with government officials from Sefhare land board. On the hill side in the distance may be an appropriate piece of land.
READ MORE ... Mission base?

Being a Botswana citizen my father received a piece of land from the government, but he never took possession off it due to an illness that caused him to leave for medical care in SA. He never returned.

Last year we applied for transfer of inheritance to me, and Dawid and I became very excited. Government  officials had asked to meet us at Makwate to look at available land.

We thought that the whole process is moving forward so we can start planning and building the mission base. Unfortunately again we were faced with delays. The land board discovered that they had made a double allocation on the plot assigned to my father and their investigations is slowing down the process alot.

The foundation of God’s throne is built on justice and righteousness – and we pray that if this venture is God’s will for us and the people of Botswana  that the government will provide us with an even more excellent piece of land in the near future.

Our plans are to use the mission base to empower local  communities via leadership training, child development and discipleship.


Last year (2018 ) the Holy Spirit started coaching Dawid and myself in Botswana where it is the perfect atmosphere – quiet with little distraction and He continued the process this year when we arrived at Parr’s Halt. Renewing Mindsets is key to change. 

READ MORE ... Personal HS Coaching


The Holy Spirit is leading us in a process of systematically refining our mindsets, values, vision and goals in order that our lives are balanced and that we achieve good success in the Kingdom.

He has revealed a coaching method to us that we use and that we develop so that we can also help other people.


Parr’s Halt is a quiet place and therefore an ideal environment to hear His voice and to put into practise the method which He told us to use. This coaching will become a life long process of designing and refining but it provides us with a methodology to also help others.


For me there has always been something lacking in discipleship methods.

The Bible says in 1 John 5:4 when we are reborn into the Kingdom of God we are victorious over the world – so why then the struggle?

I see too many people doing seemingly all the “right” christian activities, but they are merely surviving in this world and not thriving.

Many believers have little impact in the Kingdom. They may pray the night through, read the Word, go to church, do some charity activities but there is something amiss. It seems like they go around the same mountain each year.

God showed me that Jesus was and is a great coach and that we can learn from His coaching methods.

We now get the opportunity to first of all get rid of sabotaging mindsets that stands in the way of us accomplishing our goals.

God’s will for us is to fulfil our full potential in His Kingdom. He said in Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Jesus is not just about the “now” but He is also pointing to Divine MINDSETS vision and goals that will take us into a Divine future.


While waiting for the slow process of acquiring land we had another challenge. We still did not have transport suitable for travelling on the dirt roads in Botswana.

We managed however to minister to workers and children on three hunting farms. It was not crowds  of people that we ministered to, but we heartily did what Jesus did – stop for the few and even for the one.

Tato, grandson of Angie has just received Jesus into his heart as Lord and savior and he received a Bible. His shining face says it all what it means to him.


Dawid ministering early morning to workers.


We stayed for a week on “Leef voluit” farm ( thank you to our great friend Willem du Toit) We had access to unlimited wifi and it afforded us the wonderful opportunity to minister to his workers.

Every morning at 7 am the staff gathered for ministry. In the picture below I preached on forgiveness and the workers went to stand apart to spend a quiet moment forgiving people who had hurt them in the past.

One evening we showed the Mel Gibson Passion of the Christ film to the staff and afterwards Dawid called everyone to a better understanding of the cross and salvation.

PARR’S HALT is the farm where we stay and where we enjoy great relationships with the owners and workers. Ulinda is with Dawid. She and her husband stays on another farm.

We preach the Word ( pic below ) to our special group – the farm workers as if there are 5000 people listening. The lady interpreting for the Tswana audience in the picture below is a government official from the nearby Botswana border post.

Dawid served communion.
Robert and everyone else was dressed in the their Sunday best!

Dawid teaching the staff on a weekly basis.

Dawid prepared Mpho for baptism,
Mpho’s baptism
Exhuberant singing and dancing followed baptism.


We had a chance to rest and update work that was lagging behind due to the intense two month ministry we did in Malawi prior to arriving in Botswana.

READ MORE ...Catching up.

We brought our website up to date, worked on NPC compliance, financial bookkeeping, admin and planning.

During each visit to Botswana in the past it has been a tremendous challenge to do mission work. Villages and towns are far apart compared to places like Malawi where we walk village to village. An appropriate vehicle is needed in Botswana to drive on dirt roads.

We regularly walked across the Limpopo bridge from Botswana to SA and back to use internet on the SA side. 

We appointed Jolandie Vermeulen as accountant to help us manage our financial books and NPC compliance with SARS.


We visited Polokwane in South Africa to respond to an invitation to pray at the “Planting of the crosses event.” The worldviews of the organisers are different to ours, but we agree on the outcry against the unspeakable horrors of farm murders in South Africa! Former Miss World Anneline Kriel Bacon ( below in picture) was the main speaker at the event.

READ MORE ....Witkruis event

 This event take place  yearly near Polokwane in South Africa on a mountainside to commemorate the lives of people murdered on farms in South Africa. It brings a spotlight to this deeply concerning issue.

Last year 2018 there have been 45 farm murders with 432 farm attacks. This goes on year after year.



Wherever we go we minister to people. Dawid is very good at this and does not let up on an opportunity to minister healing, salvation or encouragement to people. Below are just 3 examples of such ministry during this time.

We prayed for this precious lady and her family – (in the picture below) inside her shop at the border post. She was overjoyed when she received a Bible.

Dawid ministered to staff in FNB bank in Lephalale ( Ellisras) in pic below. On a second visit to the bank one of the ladies testified that after prayer she was set free from a nagging and debilitating fear of being attacked.


Dawid prayed for Puleng in Johannesburg ( pic below) for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. (We were on our way from Botswana to Lesotho.)  Previously when we prayed for Puleng she received a miraculous healing. Watch video below.



On leaving Botswana for Lesotho we met with Pastor Mandla Nyathi in Johannseburg for a meeting. He is now the first board member that joined Love on Fire Unlimited. We are forever grateful for this wonderful and anointed man of God who is inspired to contribute to our vision – especially for Leadership development in Africa.


JUNE – JULY 2019


Spiritual Climate – 2 Conferences – 4 Crusades – Preaching, Teaching, Discipleship – Bible Distribution
Financial Assistance: Church Building Project & Widow Assistance – Children of Malawi – Landscape of Malawi


Sani District Lake Malawi

Malawi is a volcano of revival ready to explode in glory.

We spend 2-3 months in Malawi every year and it seems too little time to follow up on all the opportunities and nurture the progress that has been made. People are hungry for more and we continually trust God for spiritual gifts, signs, wonders and miracles to fast track transformation.

CHIEF BRAVE CHIMBUDZIE ( photo above) is a a former muslim and key Pastor whom we work with. He is pressing in for revival and is undaunted by opposition.  



Pastor’s John and Rona Miller ministered with us in Malawi at the Kingdom Family Conference.

John and Rona were teachers at Rhema Bible School where I was trained , and Dawid also sat under their ministry – so we knew we were in for a treat.

We and the Malawians were not disappointed! Their contribution was excellent and their wisdom greatly enriched us and the Malawian people.

READ MORE ...Kingdom Family Conference

Pastor Rona is an excellent teacher.

Pastor John’s teaching was outstanding and sometimes hilarious as he cleverly used humor to demonstrate certain truths.

Dawid preached a heart wrenching sermon as he was crying out for revival in Malawi.

In my session I shared the vital need for an encounter with the Fathers love.

Many people came forward for ministry and the sincere hearts of the people and hunger for God were very touching.


Vision Casting. 

Habbakuk 2:2 “…Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that reads it.”

During a session of Pastor’s John and Rona the audience drew pictures of the vision they saw for their lives. There were many great pictures drawn, but my eye caught the drawing of a Pastor and his wife who have a vision for orphans. We trust God for their dream to materialise.
See below.

CLICK on slide gallery below – Kingdom Family Conference. 


Hosting a children’s conference was a first for us, and in hindsight I realise we were brave! We had never done a children’s conference before and did not quite know how to do it, or what to expect. 

We did all that we could to plan a perfect conference (see pic below) and budgeted for 80 children. Little did we know what was coming … !! 

Key Pastors we work with are in the picture below; From R – L Brave Chimbudzie, Shemstone Zimba and his wife Wezie. 

READ MORE ... about the children's conference.

Our dream is to raise up young revivalists.


Each session included games, stories, lessons, activations and training. 

Dawid is especially gifted leading children into an encounter with God!


We budgeted for 80 tweens to each receive a plate of food, a sweet and a cold drink each day.

The challenge on the day of the conference was that children of all ages just kept coming!!

My concern was rising – would we have enough food, sweets and drinks for the 3 days? The last thing we wanted was to disappoint a child. 

I became very nervous – but God is always faithful! An unexpected donation arrived, just in time to treat and bless everyone!

 Thank you Jesus!!!




CLICK on slide gallery below … Children’s Conference. 



Dawid led the children in a heavenly encounter during the conference. Children were trained how to pray for people, schools and businesses in their area.  

CLICK slide gallery below … Practical Outreach.



We held  4 crusades using the Jesus Movie in different remote villages.

Close to 300 people came every night and it was a great success. When we started putting up the screen it caused great excitement and people started flocking to the site.

READ MORE ... Jesus Film Crusade.

The film made a huge impact. Adults stood on their feet throughout the 2 hour movie and women cried when Jesus was crucified. People clapped hands when Jesus was raised from the dead.

Afterwards Dawid brought a powerful salvation message ( with local pastor interpreting) and many people came forward for salvation, healing and deliverance.

We visited the Pastors homes, had dinner with them and prayed for their families and congregations.

CLICK on slide gallery below – Jesus Crusades. 


More than 20 people came to be baptised the day after the crusade held at Pastor Brave’s church.

CLICK on slide gallery below – Water Baptism on Lake Malawi


We handed out 20 Malawian Bibles during the conference and to individual people in the community who have shown a deep hunger for God. Thank you to our partners and donor’s who made this possible.

CLICK on slide gallery below – Bible Distribution.


Preaching in local church.

It was a blessing to preach in Cornerstone Church – the first church  that we built in Malawi. 

Dawid and I took tuns to deliver a message in church. Pastor Shemstone Zimba was the interpretor.

Revival Partner’s – meetings and teachings

Weekly revival partner meetings were held.

People committed and hungry for revival met weekly to receive vital teaching, personal support and a chance to unite in intercession for revival for their nation.


What a wonderful setting for discussing the best subject in the world! The people loved it and so did I. Worship was ecstatic at times. Revelation was imparted, prophecy and water baptism took place.   

READ MORE ... Secret of facing every situation in life.


How the beach teaching came about: 


Last year when walking along Lake Malawi I came across three men sitting on the beach. The one I knew – he is a chief of a village and a muslim by faith. They invited me to sit down and teach them, which I gladly did.

What a great invitation it was to share the good news of the Gospel on a beach! It was informal and fun and they asked me to start a church and be their pastor. They even offered a piece of land for a church. I just laughed. There are way to many different churches in Malawi and they certainly did not need another one. I was in Malawi to serve people and not denominationalism.

 But, I thought to myself; “ This is a great way of teaching –  I should do a beach teaching series next year!”


 This year I put my idea into practise and not only did I teach on the beach …


During one of the teachings Dawid prophesied over a young man’s life (previously muslim) and he baptised him in the lake after the teaching. He had become converted at one of our crusades last year and Pastor Brave Chimbudzie is discipling him on an on going basis. 


The manifested presence of God was tangible at times right there on the beach.

LESSONS LEARNED Book of Philippians

Paul wrote this book when in prison and it inspired and discipled the 12 + people that came every day to the teaching on the beach 


 Supernatural Joy

Heavenly joy is found in the Glory realm and it comes about when we actively pursue intimacy with God.

It is the only place which protects and liberates us when we face adverse circumstances.

Paul managed to remain joyful even though he was chained, half naked and bloodied from being beaten in the dungeon of a Roman prison.

How did Paul respond to his circumstances?

In Paul’s letter to the Philippians in chapter one already we see how he actively focused on, listed all the benefits derived from the adverse circumstances he faced. It helped him to remain focused and positive.

Paul never held a pity party looking for sympathy from anyone. His heavenly attitude is what kept him sane and in victory. It corresponds with what Paul said in Romans 8.28 that ALL things work together for good for those who love God..

Paul urges us; FIX / SET/ IMPLANT IN YOUR MIND GOOD THINGS, KEEP IT SET – that is what SET means.

 Philippians 4:8  is the POSITIVE ATTITUDE verse in the Bible.

My advise is memorise it!

Phil 4:8 (AMP) Finally, believers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable and worthy of respect, whatever is right and confirmed by God’s word, whatever is pure and wholesome, whatever is lovely and brings peace, whatever is admirable and of good repute; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think continually on these things [center SET your mind on them, and implant them in your heart].

 Great quest.

The greatest quest that Paul had was to constantly KNOW Christ more!


Unity in the body of Christ is another important theme that Paul repeatedly emphasised.

Unity is a prerequisite for revival.

Disunity and robs people of shared love, peace joy, unity and victory in advancing the Kingdom of God. 

CLICK slide gallery below – Beach teaching.


We have chosen two financial assistance projects this year; building a church and assisting a widow.  
Gratitude to our donors who have made this possible.


Based on the success of the 1st church that we had built last year for the Cornerstone community led by Pastor Shemstone and Wezie Zimba we are now committed to build a second church for Pastor Brave Chimbudzie and his church members.

The first church (below) has been an enormous blessing for the community and for us – we hold conferences and meetings there.

Pastor Brave Chimbuzie is currently holding church services in a straw church (below) which leaks during the rainy season. The picture below shows  the straw church and the foundation being laid for a proper building. 


Brave’s story – a man on fire for God!

Pastor Brave Chimbudzie is the chief of a predominantly muslim village on lake Malawi. He was muslim before, but when he received Christ his life was transformed and he changed his name  officially from Ibrahim to Brave to mark this experience. 

Pastor Brave is a man ablaze with love for Jesus Christ. He has become a close and trusted friend and faithfully serves on the Love on Fire Revival team.

READ MORE ... Brave's story - and his fire baptism

The name Brave suits him because Brave is indeed brave – undaunted by the muslim community surrounding him. His heart is set on proclaiming the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, unashamedly and fearlessly.  

Baptism of fire.

Brave came to us two years ago and asked if we would pray for him to receive the baptism of Holy Spirit fire.  When the Holy Spirit fell it came as a game changer in his life and he turned into a powerful fiery fearless preacher. 

People started gathering in his home for services and soon his house had become too small. He built a straw church, but it will be impractical during the rainy season.  Last year we built a church for Pastor Shemstone Zimba and now we want know to do the same for Brave.

CLICK on slide gallery below – Pastor Brave’s current church


Brenda is a member of Pastor Shemstone Zimba’s church. Her dream; – to have a steel roof on her house instead of a straw one, which leaks badly during the rainy season. 

READ MORE ... Brenda's story.

Brenda is a widow with many dependants in Malawi, a country considered as one of the poorest in the world.

Brenda had suffered stomach cancer last year and couldn’t  plant for harvest. She had managed to gather a few steel sheets in the past to build her roof, but due to a lack of funds she couldn’t proceed with her roof project. (Her stomach cancer has since been treated and she is better now. Thank God.)

 Last year she asked us for assistance but we couldn’t help.

 Despite Brenda’s setbacks she faithfully serves the church without any compensation. She attended a child development course in Lilongwe ( CTC dynamic children’s ministry ) and assisted us enormously during the children’s conference we hosted this year. Everyday Brenda started the conference with games that she played with 80 plus children.

This year God spoke clearly to us to assist Brenda in making her home safe. 

We had the materials ordered for the roof and the workers started fixing it. I also asked them to fix her front verandah which lay in disrepair. We bought her a mattress because Brenda had been sleeping for 55 years on the hard floor. She told us that for the first time in her life after sleeping on the mattress she slept through until 10 am in the morning. She was so happy and thankful.  

We visited her to see how the roof was going up and we sang loud  praises to God with Brenda and family. The joy experienced was ecstatic.

I had such a download of joy from heaven that I thought my lungs were going to burst! It was heavenly.

Thanks again to our amazing partners and donors. Through donations like this we impact lives! 

We have learned – it is truly a greater blessing to give than to receive!


CLICK on slide gallery below- Brenda’s House



Last year our beloved  Pastor Shemstone Zimba and beautiful wife Wezie’s marriage were on the brink of divorce. We were troubled. Pastor Shemstone did an excellent job assisting us in Malawi and it would have been a serious blow to our ministry if their marriage fell apart.

READ MORE - God's power and reconciliation.

I do not have a good track record in terms of marriage success, but it just shows you. Just when we think a person is disqualified because of failure God steps in and use such a person (that is now me) in ministry to do His work.


I was woken up in the middle of the night by God as he showed me what the problem was on Shemstone’s side. I was so excited that I almost wanted to wake him up to tell him what God had shown me.

The next morning I asked Shemstone to come for a lengthy councelling session. He had to forgive his mother to get rid of the controlling fear that was ruining his marriage.

Next he and Wezie came to see us together. 

Initially the hostility in the room was almost tangible. I spoke hard but necessary words to Shemstone and it shook him. He trusted me, my love for him because he had seen previously how I fiercely defended him in a very challenging situation – like a lioness would defend her cubs.

Shemstone then sank to his knees, and he seemed oblivious to our presence in the room. Tears were streaming down his face. He was repenting and crying out to God for forgiveness and deliverance from harm for him and his family. My eyes were welling up with tears as I saw the most rawest emotions, his humility and the sincerest of hearts calling on God for help.  


This year when we arrived they both were beaming with happiness and Wezie said; “Life is sweet!’ It is miraculous to see the change, peace and happiness in them.

We are very grateful because now we can walk the walk with this couple to continue bringing the spirit if revival to Malawi.

Pastor Shemstone wants to use their testimony to help restore other marriages and some of the male views in Malawi that causes hardship for women.

Thank you Jesus!!


Where ever you go in Malawi children make a bee line for you  – and before long you would find a little grubby hand slipping into yours…there is so much opportunity to train the children in the ways of God so that their lives will be prosperous.

READ MORE ...Children's ministry in Malawi

Dawid created a song for children that everyone now sings. We heard them singing this song as we walk along the footpaths of kasawa fields and alongside the lake.

I have a habit of kissing the children on the forehead – and they would squeal with delight. I had made this habit of kissing them on the forehead to claim them for the Kingdom of God. 

We pour out our love on the children and trust that they feel the love of Jesus and learn to love Him with all of their hearts!

We trust God to raise up young revivalists in Malawi. Children do not have a junior Holy Spirit and are well able to bring heaven down to earth through faith love and prayer. Children have the same power available as adults to heal the sick and to decree blessings over their homes, schools and communities.

God willing we will continue to hold children conferences and we even consider starting a children’s home for orphans in the lake area of Malawi.


Meet the people and see the way of life and landscape on Lake Malawi. It reminds one of how life must have been for fisherman at the sea of Galilee during the time of Jesus.

CLICK on slide gallery below – People and Places on Lake Malawi

MAY 2019


Border Control Posts – Parr’s Halt Settlement – Makwate – Stockpoort Lodge


Without a car to drive on dirt roads in Botswana we ministered in the near vicinity of Parr’s Halt farm where we stay. The area that we reach by foot includes Parr’s Halt farm, two border posts SA and Botswana side, and Stockpoort lodge on the SA side. We regularly walk over the Limpopo river between the two countries.

During previous visits we made friends at the South African and Botswana border control. We usually hand out Bibles and say prayers on request.


Our main purpose for coming to Botswana is to secure a plot of land. 

During a previous visit I submitted an inheritance transfer claim. We want to use this property to  build a mission base in Makwate, a village in the Tuli Block 14 kilometers from Parr’s Halt border post.

Myself in picture below with the Kgosie (Chief)  of Makwate. He has signed important documents for us to take to the Shefare landboard which, if the process is successful  – will assign a plot of land to us. 


Apart from childhood memories staying at Parr’s Halt is going back in time. Dawid and I lived by  candlelight and camp fires to make food. Our daily prayer walks took us amongs herds of eland, gembsbuck, ostrich, wharthog, wildebeest ext. How awesome is that. Gratitude to the owners Kobus and Ulinda Smith.


It was during these walks, at dusk when a miracle happened.

We had made it on time through the border post on the Botswana side, but the sun was setting and we were not home yet.

Dawid and I walked at times far apart each in our own world praying in tongues and praising Jesus at the top of our lungs. The sun was going to set soon and even the jackals went quiet by hearing this unusual loud sounds in the bush. 

Light was fading fast and soon it was almost completely dark. I noticed a faint light shining from behind us onto the road ahead – just enough for us to see where we were going. 

I kept looking behind me to see if there was a car coming which could have caused the light, but no car. Dawid also looked back several times to see where the light was coming from.

With the sun that had set in front of us the little natural light that there was left should have lit up the sand heaps in the dirt road on the side of the sun, but it wasn’t. It was lighting up the heaps of sand on our side. In the natural this was impossible. I realised there was supernatural light lighting up the road for us until we got home! All Glory and thanksgiving to God!!


We love to serve domestic servants with the good news of the Gospel wherever we stay. 

On a previous visit we ensured that the workers at Parr’s Halt farm were all saved, baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Angie ( below) who works in the house where we stay absolutely adores Dawid. She loves to call him. “Muruti my muruti!” Muruti means Pastor. He regularly disciples her and she loves it!





We gathered with a small group of local workers at Parr’s Halt settlement and staff from the border post for a Sunday service in the church at Parr’s Halt.

We are not put of by small numbers and prepare and preach as if we preach to thousands. 

We worshipped, took communion and the gifts of prophecy started flowing. Each person walked away with a a message from God’s heart and they were greatly encouraged.

After church, Angie prepared magwinya (deep fried doughnuts) for us and our visitors from the Botswana border post.



We regularly visit  Stockpoort Lodge on the SA side. We are great friends with the owners!  Much gratitude to Thys, Alta and Willem.

We ministered to staff at the lodge. Our friend Willem in the middle and his family are enthusiastic marketplace ministers which is great!


We were about 70 Kilometers from Lephalale, the very northern part of South Africa. Ahead of us, the sun rose on the road in all its magnificence and we could not help but worship God in awe. It was as if he whispered to us again with intensified meaning – Isaiah 60:1 Arise and shine for your light has come the glory of God has risen upon you ….

Special note – for anyone who feels discouraged with the seeming hand life has dealt you, listen to Britt Nicole’s song – The sun is rising with lyrics on YouTube.




 Joy cruise to Mozambique – On the road again – Maseru Hippo Knitting – Asian Group – Factory – Jesus Movie – Ladybrand.


My friend Erin, editor from JOY! MAGAZINE blessed me with a wonderful complimentary cruise to Mozambique. I enjoyed listening to the JOY seminars on the ship everyday and  travelling on a cruise liner – a first!


Soon after coming off the cruise Dawid and I left Cape Town all fired up to go on our yearly ministry travelling route.

Our yearly round trip goes throughout the regions indicated by the arrows below.

We were thankful for a complimentary night stop over at the Herehuis Guest House in Beaufort West.  Before we left the next morning the manager invited us to minister to all the staff at the lodge.

We are on our way to do ministry in the factory in Maseru with our friend To Chan, the owner of the factory. The last time time we visited the factory we faced challenges – so we had no idea what to expect now.


Hippo Knitting factory

We arrived and were relieved to find the atmosphere and attitudes of the people in the factory back to normal.  

We were once again willing to pour out our love on fire on people hungry for God and needing His touch.

Everyday we ministered up and down in the lines of the factory …

There were many healings and salvations

Our task was eased a lot. We had two bright interpretors who accompanied us….With me is Maleboka. 


Hippo Knitting – Asian Group

During our last visit to the factory 11 Asian people received Jesus, including the factory manager and his wife. We were keen to follow up on their progress.

We spent time ministering individually to people and were encouraged how people were growing in the Lord.

Dawid and I took turns and held two services in their hostel at the factory. 

The new converts responded with enthusiasm to their new found salvation. 


The factory manager, (left below) called me aside to give me a great testimony. He said that since we helped his wife forgive his parents last year that there had been great improvement in their relationships. In the past, his wife was hurt and bitter, and there was a breakdown in relationship with his parents. Now since the forgiveness session his wife is almost in daily contact with them on the internet. He was so thankful and so am I. Thank you Jesus!

Dawid handing out Sesotho Bibles in the factory.


One of our favorite ministries is to serve the servants where we stay with the Gospel. On a previous visit to Ladybrand Dawid ministered to Palu and baptized him. .

Dawid continued discipling Palu  and gave him a Sesotho Bible. We were humbled when Palu donated a financial gift to us in support of our ministry. We prayed Philipian’s 4.19 over him.  “May all his needs be met ACCORDING to the RICHES in glory in Christ Jesus.”


To Chan brought the Jesus Movie package from Los Angeles USA for our ministry to use. We were super excited to try out the package as it it will be a dynamic tool to use in evangelism.


The first time.

We obtained permission from a local chief to show the film in his suburb in Maseru. It gave us the opportunity to pray for him and hand him a Bible. He approved our request, and we found a church with an outdoor tent in which we could show the movie.

We showed the film and were delighted with the results by the end of the evening. Many people came forward for salvation!

CLICK on slide gallery below –  Glimpse a few moments of that day. 


At Maseru

Upon leaving Maseru Lesotho we were happy to hand out Bibles to an appreciative audience.



UNITY Conference in Hawston. NPC, Fundraising


UNITY is a prerequisite to revival!

READ MORE ... about the prophecy I got at night.

We had so many people to meet and admin tasks to attend to that we thought this time round we will pass doing our usual ministry in Hawston.

We initially settled for a visit to our friends in Hawston because Hawston is the place where our ministry started and it has been a special place with special friends ever since.

During this time I woke up in the middle of the night while prophesying out loud over Hawston “… overcoming spirit in Hawston!” That convinced me that I must do ministry in Hawston despite the fact that we had so much work to catch up with. I said to Dawid I will do a conference on my own on UNITY while he must attend to all the outstanding admin tasks which included completing the registration of our NPC, updating our website and financial record keeping.

A crucial requirement for revival is UNITY – and to have unity we often first have to forgive one another. 

CLICK on the sliding picture gallery below


God is visiting the earth today with signs wonders and miracles. One of the wonderful signs that we have experienced in our ministry is miracle oil appearing on people’s hands. Usually when this happen the person is in total awe.



We had a very lenghty meeting with Fanie and Hannelie Loots, the founders of Harverster’s International in December. They impressed on us the need to actively raise funds for our ministry without which he said ministries do not survive.

So with the help of dear friends Ymile Kennedy, Heleen Wessels and Erin Goergiou we arranged two fundraising events, one in Hermanus and one at Joy! Magazine offices in Somerset.



We did a presentation of our ministry progress at our home church Journey of Grace in Durbanville. 

We also had valuable meetings with Pastor’s Bill and Connie Bennot and Pastor’s Flynn and Sally Goodwin. 



Revival Church Service – Salvations – Healings – Worker group ministry at Guest Farm – Bible Distribution 



The owner Paula Potgieter organised a  church service for the local community and employees of the guest farm. They also attended. The service was held in a quaint little church building that looked like it dated out of the revival era in the early 1900’2

CLICK on slide gallery below – Church Service

Dawid delivered a fiery salvation message and many people got saved. The people were hungry for more of God. I also preached and felt the  Presence of of God in the building. 


A man with chronic pain in his lungs testified how he felt a power came over his chest and the pain leaving. He later confirmed the pain did not come back.

A girl testified that a lump in her breast disappeared after prayer . We will follow up on this testimony when we visit Oudtshoorn again.


De Zeekoe Guest Farm

We held four teaching sessions with different worker groups at different times as well as counceling sessions.

CLICK on slide gallery below – supporting employees at the Guest farm

CLICK on slide gallery below – supporting farm workers

We visited Giel Vermeulen at Grootbrakrivier and he blessed us with 50 Tswana Bible’s for distribution in Botswana. Halleluja!



Retreat & ministry at  Wildhondekloof Game Lodge –  Matjiesrivier Revival Service.

Our travellings help us to make many new friends and brings us to the most wonderful places! 


Wildehondekloof private game reserve

We spent 3 weeks doing a spiritual retreat at Wildehondekloof game reserve in the Swartberge mountain range in the Klein Karoo. It was amazing. 

READ MORE ... Rendezvous with the Father.

This beautiful lodge lies secluded in a mountain range and the area is tranquil beyond compare. Nyala buck grazed daily outside our font door and the odd tortoise came meandering by. It was heaven on earth for us, a place where we could sit in quiet contemplation.

We spent precious time in the secret place with God which was necessary for us to fuel up for the ministry tasks of 2019

Since last year’s visit to Botswana, God has been dealing with me about the Father’s heart; who He is and His love for me. I have come to understand that relationship with the Father is the source and completion of everything else; our value, identity and our destiny in Him.

During the retreat I also read the delightful book of Leif Hetland “Seeing through Heaven’s eyes.” He had lifechanging experience after receiving a baptism of the Father’s love. It had  changed him from a workaholic servant in ministry into a son and who no longer calls himself by any title except that he is a lover. He is called to love and his love ministry brings millions of people to salvation. Reading his story has stirred me and I yearn to receive increased measures of love from the Father.

It started in Botswana.

The journey of getting up real close with the Father started last year during our visit to Botswana. I have realised that I lacked proper perspective of how immensely great He is in power and glory. It limited my quality of worship and my knowledge of who He is and who I am in Him. Night after night in Botswana I looked up in awe at the majesty of the Milkyway as it cloudily spirals across the reaches of space with glittering stars lighting up the night sky. The psalmist wrote; “The heavens declare the Glory of God and the stars, who have no voice, speaks out in evidence night after night about of Gods Divine power and glory.”

The lodge where we stayed during our retreat is also far away from modern city lights that could steal the night sky splendour and I enjoyed the same spectacular sight of the creation during night time. A sense of awe and wholesome fear gripped me again.

The Creator God of the universe upholds, maintains, guides and propels the Universe. He is unfathomable and indescrible in power, glory and greatness.

One’s immediate response is to fall prostrate in terror on your face and to worship this immense God. And yet their is another side to this great God. He  reveals His Father heart through Jesus in a demonstrative  way – as a sacrifice on earth to redeem us from a cosmic enemy. We are reconciled with the Father and will live with Him for eternity!

It amazes me that this great God, called our Father is interested in every small detail of our lives. He even knows the daily count of my hair on my head. He kisses away, in a Father’s embrace my heartache, my failures, my shame, all those dark places in my soul and painful losses that have haunted me down the years. What a great and loving God we serve.

We would like to express our gratitude to the owners Pottie and Paula for their generosity, their enthusiasm for the Gospel and the doors that they had opened for us to do ministry in the region. 

It was an absolute privilege to spend time there. The words of Psalm 23 came true for us; The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He causes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul…”


During the 4th week of our stay we started ministering to the staff that served us so well, often with delicious food!

It was heartbreaking to hear their different life stories. The upside was that we witnessed again the great healer of hearts, the Lord Jesus Christ at work. His love and his full proven method of forgiveness in action healed hearts that seemed broken beyond repair. 

We held counselling and discipleship meetings with each staff member to help them overcome stumbling blocks in their lives.

In time all the staff members, including the manager at the Lodge were led to Christ, baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.


Revival Service

Down the road from the lodge is a small place called Matjiesrivier where we  held a marathon revival service in a small community hall. Dawid and I were overeager. We had spent 3 weeks in retreat and were keen to change the world for Christ! 

The people  gathered in this small community hall on a hot Sunday afternoon

 Close to 60 people were there and they eagerly listened and participated until the meeting came to a close after 4 hours.

We packed in several messages; salvation, divine exchange of the cross, importance of identity in Christ, infilling of the Holy Spirit, deliverance and healing and most important – we led people to salvation and a personal encounter with the tangible Presence of God. It was wonderful.


A mother had placed a young boy with a high fever in my arms. Prayer did not immediately show effect, but the next morning it was reported back that by the time they reached home his fever had broken and he was able to eat again. The next morning he went to school.

Another man complained of insomnia which plagued him after an accident he had. We heard the next day that for the first time in a very long time he fell asleep easily and slept through.

There was an old lady with a stiff arm that couldn’t lift upwards and a withered hand that couldn’t close. The condition disabled her to the point where she couldn’t even perform basic tasks with her hand. After Dawid prayed for her she was able to stretch open her hand and lift up her arm. The next morning her grand daughter excitedly came to tell us that her grandmother was able for the first time in 3 years to dress herself, prepared food and made coffee without assistance.

Halleluja! We are so thankful Jesus. Heaven invaded earth.

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