1. FACTORY – Hippo Knitting Maseru

A problematic start ended in victory.

Political problems in the country and troublesome factors amongst workers caused us limited ministry progress in the factory during this visit.


We held a lunch time evangelistic outreach at the factory. 

Dawid preached and did an excellent job. He got the women’s attention despite the hostile mood in the factory. Dawid has learned to understand the heartache of women and they sensed his great compassion for their broken hearts. Most of the women hung onto his every word as he shared the wisdom and love of Jesus. Afterwards they responded well to his call for salvation.

2. ASIAN GROUP Hippo Knitting

We decided to turn our attention to the Asian people that also worked in the factory. Our hopes were not high either with this group because during a previous lunch time outreach in the Asian canteen only one person responded with a yes to the salvation message. But we were not dissipointed…

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To our surprise 12 people turned up for the meeting on a Friday night and it was now my turn to preach. I felt weak, unprepared and without inspiration to see people reborn after a troublesome week.

Great was our surprize when after preaching the Gospel to them 11 of the 12 people that attended responded with a YES to receive Jesus.

It was touching to watch their faces radiate the love of Jesus and one person said it was the first time in his life he has ever heard the story of the Bible. It reminded me again of what Paul said, “I boast in my weakness. When I am weak I am strong because of Jesus Christ that lives in me.”

New church group started; 

Dawid with the leader of the group who is also the manager at the factory.

Below is the team in charge of leading the new homegroup. 

3. ASIAN GROUP Ladybrand

Socialising with our beloved Asian friends.

3. ASIAN GROUP Ladybrand              

We met with a pastor and his wife from China ( picture below) over coffee. Tears started rolling as he told us their incredible story. They only speak Chinese and our friend Cindy interpreted for us. Later that week the Pastor held a service at the house where we stayed and this time we understood little or nothing. He preached in Chinese and Cindy could not keep up with his enthusiastic preaching!

4. HOSPICE Ladybrand

2 Houses from where we stay is the Ladybrand Hospice. They specialise in supporting children and adults suffering from HIV/AIDS and children orphaned, and caregivers that look after them.  We spent time with a group of children.                                                                                

We went on the Hospice bus with staff into the Township to visit people under their care.

It was humbling to meet older caregivers who themselves got health issues and who live in poverty stricken circumstances.

 The task of fostering troubled children are hard on older people. 

We spent quality time with them, leading them to Christ, encouraging them, praying for their health and financial needs as well as for wisdom to rear the challenging children in their care.


In the afternoon we visited a house for disabled children.

We ministered to the staff and children.


We stayed over at de Zeekoe Guest Farm. and Paula Potgieter, (owner of the guest farm) gathered all her staff members in the dining room for ministry. 

We delivered a salvation message and prayed a blessing over the business and the staff.

It was refreshing to see Paula so committed to run her business on Biblical principles and giving the Holy Spirit free reign in her business.

Individual counselling meetings were held with each staff member.


Pastors John and Rona invited us to minister in a church in Grabouw which we did, and we invited them to come to Malawi in 2019 and minister in a conference with us. We trust they will! 





We went on an unforgettable complimentary safari with Alexandra’s Africa.  It afforded us the rest we needed from ministry – and for the rest of the month we travelled and worked as usual.


Parr’s Halt Settlement – Sunday services – Abba coaching – Junior coaching course – Makwate land claim –
Outreach to Ngwapa and Macheneng


It is our second visit to Botswana this year and we were super blessed to stay once again at Parr’s Halt in the Tuli Block. Below is the church building at Parr’s Halt which is used for services and conferences. 


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Parr’s Halt is an historical settlement which doubles as a Christian based centre and game farm owned by Kobus and Ulinda Smit. The settlement is walking distance to the Limpopo river and 3 kilometers from the Stockpoort borderpost. The nearest village is Makwate.

Our challenges were communication, electricity and transport. Our vehicle is not suited for dirt roads and on some occasions we walked up to 14 kilometers to go to places where we needed to be. Fortunately we love walking!



Dawid and I took turns to preach to local farmers and business people.


It was a privilege to lead local staff to salvation and baptism.


Relationship building. Preaching, teaching and healing.

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Cousens Len and Marina Vermeulen owns the local General Store at the town of Machaneng. They organised a group of people behind the store to whom we ministered. Again it was a mixed age group and Dawid perfected a song and dance that he created. The children and adults squeeled with delight as they sang and danced and eagerly listened to the stories we dramatised.

Salvations followed and we prayed for many people.

Bhuntle our interpretor is a young women with great faith and enthusiasm. She  took us visiting several houses in the town where people needed healing and deliverance.

For example there was a  lady who had terrible pains due to cancer and after deliverance and prayer the pain disappeared. She was jubilant. There was another lady who struggled to walk and move her arms and during our conversation it became apparent that she had undergone severe emotional trauma.  We focused on her emotional healing and physical healing followed.

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We saw salvations, God encounters, forgiveness – inner healing and also physical healings in the villages where we ministered. We improvised as we went along because we had to cater for a mixed audience of children and adults. Fortunately the adults also enjoyed the children’s ministry. It was a lot of fun and we  wrapped the storytelling in ageless Biblical wisdom.


Our ability to organise missions was limited due to logistics and at first we could not understand what is the reason for the slow down. While sitting around the camp fire listening to the melancholic howling of jackals under the awe – inspiring African night sky it soon became apparent that God had other plans for us during our stay than what we had expected. 

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Instead of just focusing on outreaches we started seeking greater clarity on what is God’s perfect plan for our lives and how we should execute it.  We fine-tuned plans, hopes and dreams and it became clear what is really important to us. Each of the areas of importance needed better perspective, balance and goals to achieve our destiny. God downloaded an excellent diagnostic and planning tool for us to use and in short He was life coaching us and this will continue for a lifetime.


Was it mere coincidence that we also attended a junior life coaching event with private school students hosted by Kobus and Ulinda Smit? We learned a lot and  enjoyed the opportunity to also minister to some of the young people that attended from private schools in Botswana.


We crossed the border several times to drive to Lephalale ( Ellisras ) in South Africa to access internet and good cell phone reception. We needed to catch up on admin, travel arrangements and updating our Website.


Ulinda and Enge Smit organised a group of people from a local village near Sherwood with whom we spent 2 days preaching, teaching and telling stories. 


Could Makwate become a village where we have a mission base in Africa?

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We spent a lot of time trying to secure a residential property in Makwate as I made an inheritance claim on the land. This is possible because my deceased father was a Botswana citizen and ground was formerly allocated to him. We should know in April 2019 if the land has been given to us.

Makwate is a village in the Central District of Botswana. The village is located close to river Limpopo and the border with South Africa. It is about 4 hours driving to Pretoria and 3 hours to Gaberone and not far from many local villages and towns. The population is between 5000-6000 people.

JULY 2018

Malawi on Fire

Challenging Start – Crusade in a Muslim Village – Revivial Rally on Sani Mountain – Revival Partner’s – Marriage Counselling


Dawid fell ill for the second time and we had to consider returning to SA.

We took a week off from ministry to strengthen ourselves physically and spiritually and to hear from God what the plan of action should be.

This time off turned out to be wonderful time recharging our batteries on many levels.

I went out of my way every day to cook delicious healthy food for Dawid to get his immune system strong AND to digest strong healthy spiritual food.

As the days went on it became increasingly clear that we should stay and complete what we came to do in Malawi.

The book of Bill Johnson; “Strengthen yourself in the Lord “ was of particular use to us and is recommended to anyone who walks a serious walk with the Lord.


Once we decided to stay we concentrated our efforts with vigor to spread the Gospel and to gain momentum with revival in the area.

We went up Sani mountain with the group of revival partners ( representing different denominations ) to teach and intercede with them for revival in the area.

What a powerful day it was starting with a hilarious journey up the mountain.

I was pretty dubious when we were invited up a mountain and thought; “How on earth am I going to get up that mountain on foot and stay there for a whole day from sunrise to sunset!”

We were pleasantly surprised as the day swept by without food and usual comforts.

But, getting up that mountain was another story.

Someone was supposed to guide us up the mountain, but misunderstanding caused us to set out the morning by ourselves. The air was fresh and cool and the kasawa fields through which we meandered looked peaceful. We couldn’t help but remind ourselves how privileged we were to serve Jesus Christ in this special nation.

We spotted a friend in the distance and called him to ask the best way up the mountain. He proceeded not only to show us, but walk with us. Nearing the edge of the mountain we felt we could not expect him to walk us all the way up as he was working in his kasawa field. We thanked him, said good-bye and proceeded walking on our own towards the direction that he pointed.

That was when the proverbial paw paw  hit the fan. There was no specific path that we could follow and we had to do some serious bundu bashing. We were now on a course straight up the hillside over rocks, boulders and dense bushes and trees.

Dawid and I were soon on all fours, me with Bible in one hand scrambling desperately to get some traction up the mountain. The scenery over the lake was magnificent except I saw it most of the time upside down. My face was close to the ground as I was trying to hang onto grass or anything I could find to prevent me from slipping backwards.

At one stage we thought we had reached the pinnacle, only to be disappointed. A whole new mountain side was emerging ahead us with dense bush all the way up to the top. “This is it,” I thought, “We love adventure and we are getting the whole nine yards of it today!”

I couldn’t help but shout hallelujah when we finally saw Pastor Shemstone and a few other friendly, but very concerned faces peering down at us when we reached the top.


The people were hungry for the Word and it was my turn first to teach.

When we were at the Revival Alliance conference in Pasadena in 2016 Heidie Baker said that the beautitudes is the recipe for revival. That stuck with me and I have since learned that hunger and desperation is a gift and certainly an ingredient for revival.

The scenery from the top of Sani mountain was breathtaking and for a whole day we had an almost 360 degree view of the lake and the land.

In the afternoon it was Dawid’s turn to teach. Everyone huddled together under the shade of a huge overhanging rock to listen to him. I could picture Jesus doing the same thing 2000 years ago. Everyone was captivated by Dawid’s humble but powerful style of teaching and wisdom. He explained that the power everyone is seeking is on the inside not the outside. This was a huge shift in thinking for many people.


Time for serious intercession for revival came and it was a beautiful sight to see bodies everywhere strewn along the rocks in a praying position. People bent down in humble aduration and faith as they perceived that the miracle power of Almighty God can change the spiritual landscape of Sani and bring down heaven to earth for the people.


The afternoon concluded with Dawid’s teaching on the power of the tongue and the power of decrees and declarations …

“ JOB 22:28 …decide and make a decree and the light of Gods favor will shine upon your ways..”

This was an eye opener to many and everyone passionately participated in making decrees with a powerful stance on top of Sani mountain overlooking the land of Malawi .


The sun was setting and this time we made our descent with Pastor Brave Chimbudzie. He led us down a gentle slope and a longwinding path through agricultural land and villages to where we stayed.

What an awesome day it was participating in the shaking of the the heavenly atmosphere with hungry hearts and saturated with desperate prayers.

May your Kingdom come Lord,
may YOUR WILL be done
in Sani as it is in heaven
Matthew 6:10

We held a crusade with Pastor Brave Chimbudzie (former Muslim) to magnify Jesus in His village near where we live.
There were great jubilance when people got healed.

Pastor Shemstone emphasised. “Never before has it happened that various pastors came together from different denominations to support a pastor’s first effort to hold a crusade in his village. If this unity amongst the body of Christ continues Sani will never be the same again!

This was all a result of the Leadership Conference we held and the stirring that took place there.


There were 5 sessions with 5 preachers preaching.

Dawid and I preached the morning and afternoon on the Saturday.

Healing’s were reported with jubilance.

Salvations: Between me and Dawid about 20 people said salvation prayers in this village.

There was a young muslim man who came to us a day after the crusade who got saved and he received the baptism of water and fire. For fear of the reaction in his community he asked us not to disclose his name yet.

Please pray for him. We could see a hungry heart and the destiny of God unfolding in his life.

Water Baptisms: People saved were shortly after baptised in the lake by Dawid and Pastor Brave.

About 20 people were baptised that day.

Children were called together,blessed and prayed for.



Pastor Brave was previously muslim and converted to christianity at a crusade. It was the fitting thing to encourage him to hold a crusade in the village where he was the chief and which is predominately muslim.

Pastor Brave and his wife called Mercy are fearless, bold and passionate about Jesus and they left a lasting impression on us how they love one another, their children and community.

ASSISTANCE to the crusade.

We had brought  a good quality megaphone that Pastor Brave used to advertise the crusade and below Dawid is showing him how to use it.

We bought food for the people who attended and rented a sound system for the crusade. Brave and his team prepared the food and erected a temporary straw canopy for the preachers to sit under.

Thank you for everyone who makes financial contributions for this cause.

Miracle weather; The turnabout of the weather was indeed a miracle.

For a whole month the wind was howling non-stop during a cold front and we wondered  – can this crusade be a success with weather like this?

Urgent prayer requests were sent out to prayer partners in SA for the weather to turn around.

The morning we woke up to attend the crusade we experienced a great calm over the lake and beyond for the first time in almost a month. Our heart’s rejoiced.

The 2 days of the crusade proceeded splendidly and not once did I feel wind or cold. In fact – the weather was perfect all the time, until the crusade was over.

THANK YOU to our faithful prayer partners!

You are awesome and earthshaking.


A few days after the crusade Pastor Brave brought two women from his village who were at the crusade and who were desperate for a special touch of God. What followed in the natural may not have looked like anything, but those of us who were present in the room could feel the atmophere invaded with the sweet and awesome Presence of God.

One of the women had a vision. She said; “Jesus came to sit in front of me and asked, “What do I want? Her reply; “More of you Lord.”

Subsequently she spoke in tongues for the first time.

When we go back to Malawi it will be excting to find out what had happened to these precious women and what spiritual progress they are making.

A BIG THANK YOU to Anchen Jooste the owner of Fish Eagle Bay Lodge for our second 3 month stay in Malawi.

View Picture gallery below 


Revival partners is a group birthed out of the Leadership Conference.

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The group represent various churches and got together after the conference to continue to intercede for revival and to encourage one another.

The group consisted of between 13 – 20 people.

A remnant hungry for God  is all that is needed to press in and intercede for God’s Spirit to set on fire the Sani area in an unprecedented way.


We invited chiefs from nearby villages for lunch.

The Malawians are known for their friendliness and it is always a pleasure to spend time with them.

The marriage problems of a pastor  complicated our working relationship.
The marriage problems was a big challenge – it not only complicated our work relationship but it was detrimental to their family.

Something had to be done.

We are not marriage councelling experts, but Jesus is!

It took several sessions of intense counselling and repentance for the marriage relationship to be adequately restored. We trust that these two wonderful people are on a permanent road of recovery. We have hope because of the humility and willingness … or rather desperation of the pastor to change.

God loves a humble and contrite heart.

JUNE 2018


Church building complete – Leadership Conference held at Cornerstone church – Impact in villages –

Leadership course series hosted at Fish Eagle Bay Lodge


First church service held. 

A milestone: The church building was finally completed and chairs arrived just in time to hold our first church service in the new building before the Leadership Conference started. Click on Picture Gallery Below 


It was our second month in Malawi and the anticipation for the upcoming Leadership Conference ran high!


Our keynote speaker was from South Africa PASTOR MANDLA NYATHI (below right ) He was welcomed with great excitement on Malawian soil. Mandla  has been our Pastor in South Africa for many years and we have huge respect for his ministry. He shares our passion for revival.

PREPARATION: With the church building completed and with chairs, plates and food including 4 goats on order for the conference we were ready and excited to start.









We believe it was as much a walk of faith for him to arrive in Malawi as it was for us.

Mandla is the epitome of a true African leader that one would like to see in positions of great influence across the continent.

“Well done Pastor Mandla for your contribution, we appreciate you! You were very well received in Malawi and everyone can’t wait for your return.”

Pastor Mandla expressed his desire to be part of the Love on Fire team and we are so honored and super blessed when he said that.

DETAILS: The conference lasted 4 days and between 70-80 people attended everyday from many different denominations.








The atmosphere at the Leadership Conference was electric as  70-80 leaders from the area came together from all different denominations.


It was an unprecedented occurrence for different church groups  in the area to come together according to Pastor Shemstone.


Pastor Shemstone was the convener and translator of the conference and he did a splendid job!


Without Pastor Shemstone this conference would not have been possible. He managed to have successfully brought together pastors, priests, village chiefs and representative leaders from various churches.  Even a school principle came hungry for the presence of God and revival. It was evident that everyone longs to see God’s power and love transforming their communities.








The Malawians love to eat goat meat with nsima, (ground kasawa roots) and relish and they were treated everyday to such a lunch. Everyone had the opportunity to mingle and refresh themselves.

SPIRITUAL PROGRESS: A spirit of unity was ignited between churches.

The manifested presence of God was tangible.

Restoration and a lot of joy was evident in people. Some of the the more touching moments we did not film because it would have been intrusive and distracting, but sometimes we ourselves were so overwhelmed by the Spirit that the last thing we thought of was a camera!

The man below was restored to inner healing through forgiveness. He came back to testify about his new found freedom and happiness. Pastor’s Shemstone’s sense of humour to pick him up – this frail elderly gentleman and then kissed him was very endearing. It had every one laughing and you could feel such a heavy sweet sense of love pervading the room.



Many people experienced forgiveness, healing, deliverance, deep repentance, fire baptisms, powerful teaching and preaching and people received their calling from God. Several testimonies were given of people dreaming in the night that henceforth they will be preaching to people.

The progressive enthusiasm of people attending were clearly evident the last day as they already started singing before we arrived — never seen before. Usually we arrive at church first and then have to wait for people to arrive.

TOPICS COVERED: 1. Foundations of true Kingdom leadership. (Mandla )

1. The power of true Kingdom leadership. ( Mandla )

2. A new way to lead. Part 1 ( Mandla )

3. A new way to lead. Part 2 ( Mandla )

4. Sacrifice.( Mandla )

5. Inheritance. ( Mandla )

6. Importance of unity amongst Church leaders. ( Hermien )

7. Identity of a true leader and revival. ( Dawid )

FOLLOW UP: We look forward to the outflow and continued impact of this event. Dawid and Pastor Shemstone initiated the ongoing meeting of a group called REVIVAL PARTNERS representing different churches that would continue pressing in for revival. We plan to come back next year to Malawi to continue building on the progress that was made this year.


Venue: Fish Eagle Bay Lodge

We continued this month with the course series that we held with a selected group of pastors and managers based on the book by John Maxwell “Developing the leader within you.”

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The course teaches 10 core principles required in leadership and is relevant for spiritual and business leaders.

Half way through the course series Dawid fell ill and we had to suspend the training. Due to time constraints in Malawi we were not able to complete the series.

We ourselves have learned so much from the course and saw the impact on the attendees that we are keen to present it again where needed in African nations.


Hearts filled with gratitude: ” How were the funds raised and the building completed on time for the leadership conference?” The answer is simple; “Jesus is faithful to deliver on His promises.”

Picture below
Left to right: Pastor Shemstone and Wezie, Hermien, Dawid, Pastor Mandla and Basil.


Many people testified of spiritual breakthrough in their lives, but one testimony stood out in particular.

Someone had nudged me to go and pray for a elderly lady and they placed my hand on her stomach.

Soon after I had prayed she fell on the ground. Dawid came to sit with her with his hand on her allowing the Presence of God to saturate her. I was next to her with my hand on her stomach and she suddenly gave us all the biggest fright.

The old lady started rolling like a torpedo across the floor, from one side of the building to the other side. People had to hastily jump out of her way. When she came to a halt everyone close to her reacted quickly with casting an evil spirit out of her.


Later in front of everyone she boldly , and with much gratitude testified that she was healed from a stomach ailment that prevented her from eating. All pain, discomfort and fear was gone and she could eat normally. 

Pastor Shemstone confirmed a month later that she is still healthy and that her previous condition did not return.


 Pastor Shemstone observed; “The impact of the conference went viral in the villages … ”

MAY 2018


Promote sustainable revival – Bring church building project to completion – Prepare and market upcoming Leadership Conference – Nurture key relationships – Pursue salvations and healings – Start first sessions of Practical Leadership Course series.


On arrival we spent a lot of time reconnecting with people that we built relationships with last year.

We re-established our VISION which is to ignite sustainable revival in the Sani district area – near Nkothakotha.

One of the key initiatives we want to pursue is: Train up revival leaders who will pursue reformation and the building of the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

`

We arrived in Malawi early May to build on the foundation we laid last year.

Since we attended the Azusa Now Gathering in Los Angeles in 2016 it had become clear to us that we were ignited in Los Angeles to spread revival up Africa and beyond. It is with this dream burning in our hearts that we strive to help build the Kingdom of God in Malawi.

During the 3 months we were in Malawi we stayed at Fish Eagle Bay Lodge on Lake Malawi thanks to the generosity of the owner of the lodge. It afforded us a wonderful opportunity to do mission outreaches in the surrounding villages. 

From day one we had met with various people including village chiefs and pastors to continue building strong relationships in the Sani area.


Our primary goal for this month was to organise the upcoming Leadership Conference scheduled for early June.

We also started a once a week Leadership training series that would run for 10 sessions at the Lodge based on a book by John Maxwell.  

Village chiefs, the Lodge Managers and Pastors attended.


Various planning meetings were held with key Pastors we worked with to cast vision how to build Gods Kingdom in the Sani area.


Malaria: For anyone wanting to visit this area FEEL FREE to do so. It is well worth the visit!

There are preventative tablets available but it is pricey for us who come to stay for as long as 3 months at a time.

Last year Dawid and I both contracted malaria.

Finances: To spread the gospel finances are needed.

One item we urgently need is the Jesus movie in the Chechewa language and the specialised equipment required to show it in remote villages. The package comes from the USA and is specificaly designed for missions. It costs approximately R16,000. We also need finances for Bibles, evangelistic crusades, conferences and travelling.

Islam: The area we do mission work in was the original starting place of Islam in Malawi and has thus become a Muslim stronghold. Approximately every 7 kilometers there is a mosque which former President Gaddafi of Libya built to spread Islam in the region, not only here but throughout the rest of Malawi. Fortunately the people in the Sani catchment area are very peaceful. They are responsive to the Gospel and the message of love. Lives are changed and transformed.

a day in our lives …


baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Click on Picture Gallery Below

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Last year on the day we left for South Africa he told us that next time we come  he will convert from Islam to the Christian faith. We  laughed when I warned him with a smile; “Andy I will not forget this.”

On arrival this year I was quick to remind him; – “Andy we are back and haven’t forgotten what you said last year.”

During our first few days back at the lodge Andy witnessed someone being healed who we prayed for and we believed this made an impact on him.

Dawid and I needed spiritual breakthrough on a certain issue and we called Andy to bring his drum to play for us. This day there were no guests at the lodge and we broke out in wild spontaneous  praise, worship, dance and  spiritual warfare in the summer hut of the lodge. We also interceded for the upcoming Leadership Conference and for the Kingdom of Heaven to be established in Malawi and specifically in the Sani area.  

This went on for approximately an hour and when we became quiet towards the end. When the drumming ceased I saw Andy worshipping with  eyes closed and hands lifted up towards heaven. The presence of God was tangible. We gently asked him; “Are you ready to be saved, baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit right now?” Andy’s answer, “YES!” Glory to God. Following his salvation prayer we took Andy down to the lake for Dawid to baptise him in water and thereafter in the Holy Spirit. It was glorious to be part of this event in Andy’s life. His name is now written in the book of LIFE and he is assured of God’s mercy and grace on earth and eternal salvation.  Andy has a big family and takes care of his wife, 7 children, mother and sister who stay with him. He wants his whole family to receive Jesus. If you feel stirred in your heart PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY.


On arrival we had found that the church we started building still needed a floor for the upcoming Leadership Conference.

Dawid had to immediately get involved to manage the project to completion.

Click on picture gallery below


Pastor Shemstone and Wezie Zimba are the key pastoral couple we work with in Malawi. We met regularly to plan and execute various mission outreaches.


Psychological and physical.

Click on picture gallery below

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FLORENCE’S STORY Florence works for Fish Eagle Bay Lodge and suffered health complications after she recovered from malaria.

We haven’t seen Florence for almost a year and heard from the Lodge Manager that she was sick. We planned to go to her home to pray for her, but got side tracked by all the people coming to greet us on our arrival and the demands of the ministry.

Florence decided that she was not waiting any longer and she came to us for prayer. Pastor Zimba told us later that she had told him she came walking with great difficulty to us as her body was so weak. This was confirmed by the person that had brought her to us. When she arrived we were overjoyed to see her but distressed by her condition. She was depressed, weak, in pain, struggled to walk and could not lift her arms.

The first thing I wanted to tackle was her depression and it became quickly evident she held a grudge against somebody who she believed neglected her in her time of need. Forgiveness was the next step and when that happened she immediately looked better and it was the first time we saw Florence smile.

Dawid and I proceeded to pray for her physical health and after a 2 hour session of praying and loving her she could lift her arms and could walk around with reasonable comfort.

We ordered a plate of food for her with protein to eat, because she told us that she had only porridge to eat at home for quite some time. Two days later I asked Kika who works at the lodge to accompany me so I could go to her house to see how Florence was doing. Florence was healed and now able to run! 

APRIL 2018


Ladybrandt SA HIV- Aids NGO support – Maseru Lesotho Market place ministry at Hippo Knitting , Johannesburg SA, Kingdom Come Conference, Botswana – Machaneng, Mgwapa and Makwati scouting trip.


Two houses from where we stay in a house in Ladybrand (when we do ministry in Lesotho) is a HIV /AIDS hospice. It is a place we could hardly ignore. We were invited to attended a recreational day that the Hospice held for children and youth who suffered HIV/AIDS or who had parents who contracted the disease.

We spent a morning with the children and most importantly ministered extensively to the staff. Women got saved and healed. They were very thankful and invited us back to minister to them and anyone who suffered HIV/AIDS when we come back to Ladybrand.

We will on our next visit see how we can assist the staff of the Hospice with the difficult task they face. It is the day of miracles so nothing will give us greater joy to see God’s love and power demonstrated when people are healed from this dreadful disease. We believe in Miracles!

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It was wonderful to attend this power packed life changing 3 day conference with input received from one of our great faith heroes Pastor Bill Johnson, his son Eric Johnson and Banning Liebscher from Jesus Culture.

Bill Johnson is possibly the most significant revival leader and reformer in the world today. His church practises sustained authentic revival where the love and supernatural power of God is demonstrated in a consistent way. For this church miracles has become the norm.

They are from the well known Bethel church in Redding California USA.


Ministry in Botswana looks promising.

Click on picture gallery below 

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SCOUTING TRIP TO BOTSWANA Dawid and I were super excited to return to a region where we spent a lot of time on holiday during his childhood. My dad lived in Botswana since the 1960’s and we still know a lot of people there. With this in mind that we could find a away forward with ministry we set out to visit old friends and family! What a joy it was to be reunited with everyone.  I realised the signifcant inheritance we have there is as a result of the great relationships my father had built with people over time. Everyone was incredibly hospitable and friendly and helped us to do two outreaches. We did a house to house visit in Ngwape village, near a place called Sherwood and did a preaching and healing service under a big tree behind a general store of a cousin of mine in a town called Machaneng. We will surely return to follow up on the work we started there.

MARCH 2018

MASERU LESOTHO: Hippo knitting factory. Target group; Factory workers, admin staff and Management. We saw many healing miracles and salvations.  Lunchtime we preached to the factory workers and held discipleship training sessions .


YOUTH PROJECT:  Trackeroo and the Crew story enjoyed renewed impetus at Good Hope Primary School in Cape Town


There is a large Asian community living in Ladybrand who work in Maseru. We are assisting with their homegroup and are becoming part of their community, which is  a great joy. We stay in Ladybrandt when we do ministry work in Maseru Lesotho.


Trackeroo and the Crew

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YOUTH PROJECT The Trackeroo and the Crew story regained renewed interest with a Grade 7 English teacher from Good Hope Seminary a Primary school in Gardens Cape Town.

He had discovered a stack of Trackeroo books in a cupboard and started reading the story to his class. The  kids found the story hilarious and he wanted to reread the story to the children with an emphasis on value themes and activations.


Maseru Lesotho 

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GOD IS ON THE MOVE IN THE MARKET PLACE On the day of arrival at Hippo Knitting factory the Holy Spirit  poured out spontaneously on a staff member when she waited in a queue. The manager of the factory brought her to us and it was obvious that this young women was clearly overcome by the tangible presence op God. She started prophesying and speaking in tongues. We were very encouraged by this manifestation.  It indicated that God was on the move at Hippo Knitting! We spent 3 weeks at the factory and did a lunch time evangelistic outreach as well as lunch time discipleship training. Furthermore we were available to employees across the factory floor for prayer, healing ministry and counselling. We experienced God’s miraculous power demonstrated with several people being healed and saved. Following are some of the MIRACULOUS HEALINGS that we witnessed. All gratitude and glory to God. Chronic headache; A women I prayed for was healed from chronic headaches that she suffered on a daily basis from for 3 months. Upon healing she was overjoyed and immediately asked for a Bible that we gave to her. Her headaches never returned after that. Please watch the video. Astmha; Another women Dawid prayed for had Asthma for 5 years and she reported total healing during the time we were there. Enlarged heart; A women who was booked off sick came in to the factory to receive her pay check. She had an enlarged heart and was very weak.  She couldn’t walk properly and she coulnd’t lift her arms. At home she needed assistance to bath. After Dawid had prayed for her she ran down the corridor. Full mobility was restored in her legs and arms. She was ecstatic. Please watch the video.


Hippo Knitting – Maseru Lesotho


Hermanus – South Africa
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We held a Glory Revolution Conference 1-3 May at Rain Church in Hermanus

Based on the success of this conference and two previous ones we are planning to develop a Glory Revolution School that will combine the teachings of 3 different but related conferences we held before.

The Glory Revolution School will cover the glory realm, importance of love and integrity (character)  when dealing with supernatural signs, wonders and miracles as well as the topics of angels, worship, intimacy with God and ecstatic prayer.



Revival Church Service – Salvations – Healings – Worker group ministry at Guest Farm – Bible Distribution 

DE ZEEKOE GUEST FARM Marketplace Ministry.


The owner Paula Potgieter organised a  church service for the local community and employees of the guest farm. They also attended. The service was held in a quaint little church building that looked like it dated out of the revival era in the early 1900.                                     

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Dawid delivered a fiery salvation message and many people got saved. The people were hungry for more of God. I also preached and felt the  Presence of of God in the building. 

HEALINGS at church service.

A man with chronic pain in his lungs testified how he felt a power came over his chest and the pain leaving. He later confirmed the pain did not come back.

A girl testified that a lump in her breast disappeared after prayer . We will follow up on this testimony when we visit Oudtshoorn again.


We held four teaching sessions with different worker groups at different times as well as counceling sessions.                                                                        

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We visited Giel Vermeulen at Grootbrakrivier and he blessed us with 50 Tswana Bible’s for distribution in Botswana. Halleluja!


PERSONAL RETREAT – Redelinghuys Sandveld Dorsphuys – West Coast SA

GLORY REALM WOMEN’S CONFERENCE Vensterklip Elandsbaai – West Coast SA

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First things first. 

We started the year with a 1 month spiritual retreat in Redelingshuys situated along the West Coast of SA.

A big thank you to Jane Louw and her guesthouse The Sandveld Dorpshuys in Redelingshuys who made this possible for us to spend such considerable time in a wonderful environment in the SECRET PLACE with Jesus.


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Our one month personal retreat was followed by a powerful Glory Realm Women’s Conference held on 16-18 February at Vensterklip Guest Farm, Elandsbaai West Coast SA.

Women came as far as Caledon, Hermanus, Stellenbosch, Durbanville, Elandsbay, Saldanha and Redelingshuis to attend the  conference.The Holy Spirit poured out on people –  lives were enriched, transformed and deep inner wounds healed.  

Signs and wonders followed and people experienced ‘gold dust’  “holy laugher” and “heavenly fragrances” for the first time. 

Please read more about “holy laughter.”  We ourselves have for the first time experienced supernatural heavenly fragrances.   conference.  

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