Hermien and Dawid are co-founders of Love on Fire Unlimited.  

They joined forces in 2014 in full-time ministry impacting adults as well as youth.

Hermien van den Bergh
Revivalist, teacher, preacher, counselor,
author, video producer.

Dawid van den Bergh
Revivalist, teacher, preacher

Well known prophetic revivalist, Matt Sorger prophesied over Hermien and Dawid on Night 77 of The Fire & Glory Outpouring in San Diego California on April 15th, 2016


Hermien and Dawid live to ignite revival fires wherever they go.

“We believe the church can no longer afford to do church as usual but needs to go back to the lifestyle and standard of the book of Acts to impact our world. Jesus promised that we will do what He did and greater.” John 14:12

Hermien and Dawid compliment each other with their individual work skills and spiritual gifts. Hermien regards working with her gifted and very uniquely anointed son Dawid as an amazing blessing and privilege in her life. They both acknowledge that the Holy Spirit makes all the difference in lives being transformed when they present courses, counsel, or do outreach in communities.

Hermien and Dawid agree; “At this time in world history we need to learn to move in the dimension of the Glory realm to see an unlimited and accelerated invasion of Heaven on earth.” Additional teams assist their projects when the need arises.


Dawid inspires and preaches to youth groups and schools wherever he gets invited.

Hermien and Dawid build relationships and mentor the youth.

TRACKEROO AND THE CREW; In 2013 Hermien launched a children’s book to instil moral values in the youth. Dawid believes this modern unconventional story of Trackeroo and the Crew is a secret weapon to reach the youth, not only in South Africa but in the world.

Current project: They are currently developing a workbook for schools to be used alongside the story book.


To develop an engaging, fun- filled multi – media on track learning system called Edutrainment alongside the story “Trackeroo and the Crew” to reinforce learning that results in character building.

Edutrainment integrates education, training and entertainment in a cohesive learning system with the story “Trackeroo and the Crew” as binding agent.

The chart below depicts the integrated Edutrainment learning system and points out products developed, during development and a desired list of products which if developed will catch the attention of a child and reinforce learning.


Hermien van den Bergh


Hermien matriculated in Polokwane in South Africa, and graduated at Pretoria University in 1973 with a Bachelors of Arts & Drama Degree. She obtained a Bible School diploma at Rhema church in Johannesburg in 1989-90 and a Video Production Diploma at Media Village in 1999.


Hermien worked for 8 years since (1981 -88) as an Education Consultant and then  Education and Training Management Consultant in the multi-media video based computer training industry in South Africa, Canada, UK and Namibia. She launched her own TV production company in 2000 and functioned for 15 years in various roles; producer, director, scriptwriter and on camera.                          

Hermien is a teacher and speaker and has taught various media and Biblical subjects at Bible and Media schools including TV production, ethics and social responsibility. Unisa invited her to speak at their Curriculum and Transformation Conference in Pretoria titled The Importance of the Inclusion of Values in the 21st Century Schools Curriculum.

 In 2009 she joined a company to launch their social responsibility program and developed a change model based on the CIRCLES concept to assist people in transforming from poverty to holistic prosperity. She intends to apply the knowledge gained there in underprivileged communities. Since 2013 she followed the Jesus Model of Matthew 4:23 “Jesus travelled throughout the region teaching … and  proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom, and healing every person.”


Hermien’s passion is to pursue time alone with God and to discover deeper levels of encounter, bliss, power and progress in the realm of His manifested Presence. She wants to see heaven invade earth and preach, teach and disciple for this purpose to see the Gospel come to life via the renewing of the mind.

She longs to help build character in children (especially the TWEEN group) using modern learning methods that they relate to.

Hermien likes to  “cross the line” and visit townships and poor areas to do ministry and build meaningful relationships with people from different races and backgrounds. She sees destroying distrust and ignorance on both sides of the line as one of the important building steps needed to bring peace and prosperity to her nation.

She is experienced in bringing healing and purpose to people’s lives who have been ravished by divorce and emotional breakdown. She builds Kingdom Culture in the marketplace and evangelises where necessary.

Last but not least Hermien wants to run with revival fire and create an unstoppable and sustainable fire storm wherever she goes to help build God’s Heavenly Kingdom on earth.



Dawid van den Bergh


Dawid matriculated at Stellenbosch High School, South Africa in 2011. He graduated at Every Nation School of World Missions in Manila Philippines2012 and obtained His Every Nation Bible School Diploma in 2013-14 at Every Nation Bible School Cape Town. He specialised in youth development through Every Nation online Ministry School and graduated in 2015.


Dawid went on missions to Malawi, Lesotho, Thailand, Laos, Philippines and South Africa. He served full time for a year in Campus ministry (CPUT) for His people/Every Nation Church and was also part of a team that facilitated the Firestarters revival course from Bethel Church in churches in Cape Town and Klerksdorp South Africa.


Preaching the Gospel and leading people into an encounter with God’s manifest Presence, which leads the lost to salvation and sets believers on fire for Jesus. He is also passionate about equipping believers to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and his life is centred on spending time in God’s Presence. He loves entering the realm of God’s Glory and it is his favourite place to be.He has set out on a lifelong adventure with the Holy Spirit and is not turning back! Dawid also has a heart for the youth to live in true freedom, knowing who they are, and walking in their callings. He has spoken in different settings such as churches, schools, conferences and has brought much joy when people are encouraged by timely words, revelation and miraculous healing.


Hermien & Dawid



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